Lesson 1- one word per day–Get

Watch my first E lesson below and you can also read the written text of the complete video below the video for your easy understanding and vocabulary/ word building.

The following is the transcription of the video above, along with a few more examples and like words (Synonyms). Video begins now…

Hi there, and welcome to my first video on learning English, One word per day and my name is Ralph. Before i start, i want to apologize to my friends who have been waiting for quite some time now to put up this video and start the lesson. I’m really sorry because i have been busy working on my site and working with wordpress can be really frustrating. Ok but anyway, i’m done with it now or should i say almost done!

So like i said before, this is one word per day and some of my friends think that learning just one word in a day is really small. I guess they misunderstood me. Actually, you are going to learn one word along with its synonyms. When i give you one word, i’ll give you few other words you can use in its place or use alternatively or use in its stead). Today’s word is very simple and widely known:
GET/       GOT/        GOTTEN/         GETTING/     GETS

verb             past        past participle     present continuous

1. Ques- What can/ What should i get you for your birthday next week?                       (offer, give)
Sample reply: Oh, thank you. Anything you offer me would be ok or fine.

2. Stmt- I have to get going back home now before it starts raining.        (start)
Rephrase: I have to start going home now….

3. Ques- Do u get me? Reply- No, I don’t get you!              (understand)
Ques: Did you get what the teacher was talking about in class?
Sample reply: No, I didn’t (did not) understand what the teacher was talking about in class?

4. Jack, don’t forget to get me some flowers when coming back home tonight. Ok? (buy/ purchase, bring)
Sample reply: Ok! I will remember to bring you flowers…

5. Ques- Did the police get the guy who stole my bike yesterday?             (catch, apprehend)
Sample reply: Yes, the police apprehended (past tense/ got) the guy who stole my bike yesterday.

6. Ques- Have u got anything else to say before I go?             (Do you have…)
Sample reply: No, i don’t have anything else to say before you go?

7. Ques- What do you hope to get by going to school?     (gain, acquire, achieve, attain, accomplish)
Sample reply: I hope to attain skills and knowledge by going to school?

8. Ques- Have you gotten the email i sent you yesterday? (received)
Sample reply: Yes thank you! I have received it?

9. Stmt- How are you trying to get by, now that you have no job?    (Survive, cope, manage)
Rephrase: I have no job right now, but I survive by living off my savings.


The words in brackets ‘( )‘ at the end of the sentences represent the synonyms that can be used to replace the word GET/ GOT… in the sentence. Like in the last example (stmt number 9), the word ‘survive‘ can be used to replace the words ‘get by‘ in the sentence. There are two types of sentences: A statement (Stmt) and a Question (Ques). Questions end with a question mark- ‘?’ while statements end with a period ‘.’ I have used both Stmt and Ques above to show you different ways to use the word get. Ques have sample replies while Stmt have sample rephrases.

End of Lesson 1! Sorry for the sudden/ abrupt end of the video, It’s my first video and i’m not used to talking to the camera. Hopefully, the next video would be much better or maybe I would stop making videos and simply make voice notes. You decide!

Good luck pals and have a nice day! RB:)