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English for starters Lesson 1- Alphabets

The following video shows the 26 ALPHABETS in English and gives a sample word for each alphabet.

The 26 alphabets in English Capital and Small letters and Sample words

A  a      –     Apple
B  b      –     Ball
C  c      –     Cat
D  d      –     Dog
E  e      –     Elephant
F  f       –     Fan
G  g     –     Goat Continue reading

Lesson 1- one word per day–Get

Watch my first E lesson below and you can also read the written text of the complete video below the video for your easy understanding and vocabulary/ word building.

The following is the transcription of the video above, along with a few more examples and like words (Synonyms). Video begins now…

Hi there, and welcome to my first video on learning English, One word per day and my name is Continue reading

Ralph Blackk

June 4, 2013

I just finished my first video on One word per day. OMG! I never knew that talking to the camera alone in my room would feel so weird… 😀 but cool! Check it out, i guess i would just record voice notes from now on. It depends on ‘you’.

Ralph Blackk’s Intro to Improving your English speaking skills!

Hi there! You may not know it, but I have always wondered how someone can get better at speaking a language without actually speaking the language. I mean, a good example of such a person is ME :-). I have been living in Vietnam for over a year now and “all i can say is Xin Chao”, 😀 meaning Hello! I have tried to learn more words but i know i haven’t tried enough. I guess i would have been better at speaking it if i had some motivation from someone like me. This brings me to my point- Many people around here believe that learning English is all about grammar and pronunciation, but guess what?
Language in general is all about expressing oneselfand expression of self is communicating. Even though Continue reading